ASRA Coags App Reviews

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ASRA coag rocks!

Awesome bedside/ timeout app for the patient on anticoagulation

Great app!

The ASRA consensus guidelines are something that I often have to reference, but it is a pain going to the website or searching some other way. This makes it very easy and immediately accessible. Great for anyone doing blocks - Anesthesiologists, ER docs, residents, or CRNAs. We need other apps like this!


Awesome app! We need more apps like this in the field of medicine.


This a great app! Something as critical as avoiding neuraxial anesthesia in patients on anticoagulation is self evident. With new anticoagulants coming out so frequently this app is a huge timesaver.

Great app but missing some anticoagulants

I think its a simple to use, well put together app, but it is missing some newer anticoagulants, I know there is no good data for many of these but it would still be nice to have some information such as half life, etc of these newer drugs.

Poor Quality

Although it is a paid app, it still opens with an advertisement that cannot be skipped. Also has a bug that requests to follow your activity that will not allow a selection, thus freezing the app.


This app fails on many levels. The point of having something like this is to look up the duration of action of medications. It doesnt do this. For example, I want to know how long after a dose of bivalirudin I can place an epidural. So I click on the "neuraxial" button under bivalirudin, and it tells me "not recommended." Thats it, no other info. As an anesthesiologist, I already know this information. What I want to know is how long the medication lasts, what the pertinent risks are, and when it is safe to do a procedure after its administration. This app tells you none of that. It is also missing several newer anticoagulants, some of which have been out for well over a year. Even the interface is annoying since every time you open the app an ad pops up. Dont waste your money on this garbage.

Just what we need in the OR

Great reference for non-anesthesia personnel to guide treatment. Great for learners as well.

Great App

Easy to use and has all the rules to live by when you put needles in people for a living. Invaluable.

Nice simple app

The ASRA coag guidelines have always been deeply unmemorable and with this application I dont even have to pretend to keep them in my head. Nice to have on hand.


Prior to this app, your best option was to pour through the guidelines and make a quick reference table. That, or find one already done by another department. This app is an easy-to-use, always-with-me reference.

Easiest app to use.

This app does exactly what its built to do. Great resource. In my top ten medical apps

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